The saying goes, “knowledge is power”, and we certainly have the knowledge to fix your pest, tree or gutter issues in the safest and easiest way possible. Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions to help you gain some of our knowledge

  • 01
    How long does it take to treat termites?

    At Pest & Tree Solutions we use the latest in baiting systems to kill termites. The bait affects the ability of termites to destroy normal timber as soon as they start feeding on it and death soon follows. In Adelaide we deal with 4 destructive species of termites. The time it takes to kill a colony though, can vary from specie to specie, due to feeding habits, how quickly they malt, time of year and size of the colony.

  • 02
    Do I have to leave my home while you are treating for pests?

    With the right precautions, no you don’t have to leave the home while a treatment is being carried out. The products we select are great for treating pests while being safe for children and pets.

  • 03
    Can I keep the wood from the tree you remove?

    Yes. Every quote Pest & Tree Solutions provide for any tree work will give you the option to keep the wood. This in some cases can save you money.

  • 04
    How often will I need to clean my gutters if they have gutter guard on them?

    With a complete gutter guard system in place the need for cleaning is greatly reduced. We suggest a flushing of your system every 1-2 years. We also install access points in the system to make this easy to do.

  • 05
    After capture and release, how do you prevent possums from coming back to my home?

    Pest & Tree Solutions carry out a complete inspection of your building to find any opening or weak spots that possums may use for an entry. We then secure or proof these areas with materials that possums can’t chew or remove and won’t weather to give you a 3 year guarantee they won’t be back in your building.