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Pest Control
There can be a range of problems that can occur when you have pests at your residential or commercial site whether it is animals or insects. Pest & Tree Solutions can provide you with a range of pest solutions including the following:


  • Termite Inspection and Treatments: Pest & Tree Solutions use state of the art borescope technology to see if your property has signs of termites. When we treat for termites, we make sure to irradiate the infestation all while keeping people and pets safe.
  • Animal Removal: Birds and Possums can be troublesome as they don’t like to leave an area they decide to make their home. Pest & Tree Solutions use ethical trapping and proofing techniques to make sure the animals will not be a problem anymore.
  • Other Insects: Pest & Tree Solutions can help resolve your insect problems that include, ants, spiders, bees and wasps, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, moths, crickets, silverfish, flies, and mosquitos.

Tree Lopping Adelaide

Tree Care

Most of us have trees somewhere on our properties either to keep parts of our houses shaded from the sun, protected from the wind, help our yards reduce moisture, or simply because they make good decorations. But when a tree dies, it becomes a hazard as it will eventually fall down. Pest & Tree Solutions facilitates? tree lopping and tree removal in Adelaide for you to get rid of dead branches:

  • Pruning & Shaping: It’s important to keep a tree healthy and, when dead branches appear, it’s important to take these down with the help of a professional rather than have Mother Nature remove a branch with a window causing damage or injury.
  • Tree Removal & Stump Grinding: Taking down a tree is one thing but leaving the stump is another. Removing a stump in your yard allows you to reclaim that part of your yard.
  • Mulching: Mulches are materials placed over the top of the soil to improve moisture and soil conditions. It helps the health of existing trees greatly and can have an added impact on your landscape.

Gutter Guard Solutions

Tree lopping and tree removal in Adelaide are an excellent way to keep your gutters free from leaves and dirt that build up during the fall and winter seasons, but most of us like the trees we have, so we have an easier choice that is gutter guards. Gutter guards also provide:

  • Proofing from Animals: Nothing is more irritating than having small animals, like cats, possums and rodents inside your gutters, scurrying around and having you wonder what that noise might be. These animals might also try to find a place in the gutter to call their home.
  • Prevent Water Damage from Build-Up: When you have gutters that have an abundance of leaves and debris, it can cause a buildup causing the water to stagnate or overflow --possibly causing damage.
  • Prevent Wood Rot: your gutters are full of water and debris it can overflow, soaking into the wood causing excess rot to your home.

Pest and Tree Solutions offers the aforementioned services to homeowners as well as business owners across Adelaide and its surrounding areas. Call us today to have professional tree surgeons at your disposal.

Tree Removal Services in Adelaide

Pest & Tree Solutions is a specialized and licensed company that has been executing tree removal in Adelaide for years. Trees are beautiful, and we are equally considerate of them. But, sometimes a tree overgrows and creates nuisance for those inhabited around it; hence, tree removal becomes a burning necessity.

At Pest & Tree Solutions, we care to remove the tree from your vicinity and allow for whatever it is to be carried out in that free space. Our professionals use modern equipment, which are environmentally friendly and effective as well, for a convenient removal of the tree.

Pest & Tree Solutions offers tree removal services throughout the Adelaide area and its adjoining suburbs. All it takes is a phone call to facilitate professional tree removal in Adelaide and that too at affordable prices.We are here to entertain your queries over phone or email, and you can seek us for same-day assistance as well.

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Whatever the pest, we have the solution! Using only the safest and most innovative methods of pest removal in Adelaide

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We offer a full range of tree lopping services including tree removal, pruning and shaping, stump grinding, mulching and milling.

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We use the latest in gutter guard material which is a heavy duty, recycled plastic, fire retardant polymer. 15 year warranty.

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